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The six advantages of Tibetan steaming therapy
Unique effect
Tibetan herbal steam is popular because of its effectiveness. Herbal steam distributes medicine through skin, points and channels to directly reach the location of disease. The medicine works faster than the oral medicine.
Environmentally safe.
Taking medicine through skin” produces fewer side effects and less damage to liver, kidney or stomach. It relieves illness without the need to take bitter medicine. Because the steaming is happening in the surface of skin, the medicine concentrated in blood system is lower. The medicine stays in the points and channels of related disease so the damage to liver or kidney is minimized.

1.       Scientific theory
It increases body metabolism and blood circulation, wards away any evil Qi
but not harming the righteous Qi. It treats internal disease from outside in.  
  Channels and collaterals are invigorated. Sweating is induced but the nutritive and protective Qi stays unharmed.
2.       High efficiency
Any oral medicine will go through digestive system and not much will be left when the medicine reaches the disease site. But for the steaming therapy, medicine goes through skin’s blood vessel directly. The concentration of medicine is more effectively preserved, absorbed and utilized this way.

3. Strengthening kidney and bone
In Chinese medicine, “kidney governs bone and generates marrow”. That means the health of kidney and bone are closely related. Bone marrow is located deep in the body. Tibetan steaming therapy delivers herbal medicine through blood vessels under skin to maintain good health, nourish kidney and liver, regulate functions of liver and kidney, invigorate blood, remove stasis, dispel cold and transform dampness. Only strong kidney can nourish and generate bone marrow to produce strong bones.

4. Never infected, Modern and advanced:
Cedar has powerful functions:  self-sterilization, anti-bacterial, anti-moth. Tibetan medicine using cedar to kill most bacteria; while the anion exchanger is also a air-purifying agent; 215.6F high-temperature steam sterilization permits no place for germs to hide. So each guest’s foot treatment is sterile at all times.  There is never happened any contaminations among millions of clients because the combination of anion exchanger and sterilizing properties.

藏藥薰蒸的九大功效; the nine efficacies of Tibetan steaming therapy

1.  疏通經絡;活血化淤 Dredges the channels and collaterals. Promotes  blood circulation for removing blood stasis.
2.  祛風 散寒;溫陽除濕。Dispelling pathogenic wind and dispersing cold; warming yang for removing dampness.
3.  清熱解毒;涼血降火。Clearing heat  -toxin and Cooling blood for reducing fire.
4.  抑菌止癢;抗過敏。Bacteriostasis and relieving itching, and anti- allergic
5.  消腫止疼;改善微循環。Reducing swelling and relieving pain, improving the microcirculation.
6.  安神定志;消除疲勞。Resolving stagnation for tranquilization and eliminating fatigue.
7.  降脂瘦身;吸油排油。 Reducing blood fat and slimming, absorbing and dispersing  oil.
8.  祛斑潤膚;增白美體。 Removing macula and nourishing skin. Whiting
9.  出汗排毒;調節內分泌。Expelling of toxins  by sweating and moderating  the endocrine system.

Suitable groups for Tibetan steam:
1、Sub-healthy people: For people, who are easily tired, easily getting a cold or flu, having hair loss, dizziness, insomnia, constipation, overweight, or no appetite.

2、People with dampness and bone issues: for people with injured lumbar muscle, neck or shoulder problem, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sciatica, vertebra disease, bone                density problem and so on.

3、Female: for dry skin, anti-aging, weight loss, gynecology, menstruation problem, hormonal imbalance, cold hand and feet.

4、Male: for prostate problem, hemorrhoid, kidney deficiency, phlegm damp and coughing.

5、Skin illness: for discoloration, cold sore or ulcer, dryness, itchiness, fungus, and edema.

6、Others: for people who like to prevent and cure disease without risk of damaging liver from medicine intake.

7、Lazy people: for people who want to exercise but don’t have time, location or interest. Every 1 c.c. of sweat from our body equals to the consumption of 500 calories. 45 minutes of steaming a day can produces about 1000 c.c. sweat. It equals to jogging for 10 kilometers. It helps the people with stubborn fat for weight loss.

Contraindications of Herbal steam therapy

1.Serious high blood pressure (when systolic pressure  > 160mmHg, or Diastolic pressure > 100mmHg)
For clinical second stage hypertension patients, the herbal steam might increase the blood pressure and cause headache or dizziness. Steaming is not suitable for them.
2.Diabetes: Diabetic patients are not as sensitive to hot and cold. Their skin breaks easily during steaming and might cause foot problem.
3.High fever: This therapy uses heat, so it is not recommended for people with high fever.
4.Pregnancy: The fetus might be affected.
5.Menstruation: Sometimes it might cause less sweating, or even early menopause in extreme cases.
6.Lactation: It might affect the secretion of breast milk, or cause returning of the milk supply.
7.After or before meals (half an hour before or after meals): Before eating, hunger might cause low blood sugar or dizziness. After eating, more blood flows to                     stomach from brain and fainting might occur.
8.Serious injury or trauma: The healing of wound might be affected.
9.Severe or serious disease: Not suitable for someone just had a major surgery (such as heart operation), or cancer patient.
10.Acute spraining or emergency case in the first 48 hours.